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Dryer of hot air of 7000 kg/h of capacity.

Sipesa - Pisco
Production of the system of having dried off by hot Air with a capacity of drying of 7,000 Kg/h. built entirely of steel stainless low technology Heatland of Norway.

Planta evaporadora de Agua de cola of 40,000 lt/h of evaporation capacity. I model 3-40, built entirely in Stainless Steel, for Fishing Aryal in Chicama, with technology of Kaevner.

Enfriador de Lecho Fluidizado de 20 Tn/h
of fish flour. I model 2008. Built entirely in Steel Stainless, low technology of Kaevner Heatland of Norway.

Sistema doble de Desaguadores estáticos, vibratorios, transportadores de malla, tolvas y sistema de pesajes para 300 Ton/H c/u de pescado
Two teams recover of solids, module VT-1540 with structures supports.
Production carried out for Canning company Coishco of Chimbote.

Molino Seco modelo FSM18 de 5 Ton/H of fish flour and Humid Mill for 70 Tn/H of fish, built for PROMARINA of Panama.




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