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Our main Plant is located in the district of Ate, 6 km from Lima, in the Carretera Central - strategically located in the Via de Evitamiento highway, having an easy access to the International Airport "Jorge Chavez" and the Port of Callao. Its total surface is of 10,000 m² and is subdivided into three ´navies´, furnished each with all the necessary machinery, equipment and tools for its operations.
Its activity is managed by a selected board of professionals in the areas of engineering, administering, finances and trading.


Raw Material yearly

Fe sheets
2700 Ton
Fe profiles
7500 Ton
Stainless steel
1000 Ton
Cast iron
440 Ton
455 Ton
Total yearly
12095 Ton


For the assembling in place we have the following machinery at our Main Plant of Lima:

Telescopic Crane P. & H.
15 Toneladas
"Hyster" Fork Lift
12 Toneladas
Bridge Crane
12 Toneladas
Bridge Crane
05 Toneladas
"Lorain" Self erected Crane
20 Toneladas
"Mitsubishi" Fork Lift
07 Toneladas
"Toyota" Fork Lift
02 Toneladas
3 "Daewoo" Fork Lifts
07 Toneladas
"Demag" Self erected Crane
04 Toneladas
Caterpillar Fork lift
07 Toneladas


Machinery is classed as follows:
1.- Habilitation machines
2.- Tool machines
3.- Boiler making machines
4.- Transportation and motion machines
5.- Power generation machines
6.- Electricity Installations.



- Mining Sector
- Fishing Sector
- Sugar Sector
- Energy and Electricity
- Petroleum Sector
- Cements Sector
- Agro Industry Sector
- Engineering of Projects
- Post Sale services