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Famia Industrial has a Plan of Industrial Security whose objective is the prevention of accidents whether these occur in the workshop, or in the worksite where the works are being carried out, and therefore we have issued our Manual of Industrial Security which comprises and assigns responsibilities to all the personnel before, during and once completed the work. We understand that the security is not a matter of joy, and is in that feeling that in Famia we have proposed ourselves the "zero accidents goal", since ahead of everything is the worker's welfare.

Aimed at all the above mentioned is that we provide and demand the use of a set of accessories related to the work being done such as work clothes, safety shoes, gloves, hard hats, eyeglasses, ear protectors, etc. and the way how these are best used. In the case of works done out of our Main Plant, we make a prior inspection of the work site, removing welding or cutting objects, next put fences, ribbons and necessary fixtures to prevent strangers from passing into the work area. It's very important that the personnel keeps its work space clean and orderly, and once finished the working day he must be sure that all his tools and safety implements be stored in their corresponding places.

Additionally, inside the company as well as in the work site, there are advertising signals where they can be seen the indications of the safety area, fire fighting emergency equipment, and others necessary which should never be absent in a company, all these are for situations out of our scope like fire, earthquake, lightning, etc. Each employee is well trained and able to handle any emergency fixture and take the decision of the moment to have the problem ended by using the fire extinction device, hoses, belts, and others.

We know that any security plan wouldn't be right if we priory don't have each worker make sense of the importance of preventing accidents and is in that feeling that we, besides of the utilization of implements and safety advertisements, give safety talks periodically, assisted by video programs where all the personnel attend and participate; there they have the opportunity of listening the instructions and settle down their opinions and suggestions.



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